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Share the Love on Valentine's Day with these gifts that give back.

Every Gift Matters Looking to give a meaningful gift this Valentine’s Day?  One that will bring a smile to your loved one’s face and benefit farming communities around the world at the same time?  Support workers' rights, protect the environment and share the love by choosing Fair Trade with these can’t-fail Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Guest blog post by Melody Meyer, VP of Global Initiatives at Albert's Organics

Every Banana Matters This guest blog post comes to us from Melody Meyer, VP of Global Initiatives at Albert's Organics.  She specializes in importing fresh organic and Fair Trade Certified produce into the United States. 

Finding Fair Trade Produce Year Round

During these cold winter months it’s important to keep your immune system strong by having your daily fill of fruits and vegetables. And since local produce has essentially disappeared until spring/summer, those crispy bell peppers and juicy mangos at your neighborhood grocery likely came from another country.

Fair Trade USA Unveils Redesigned Certification Label

Well hello. I’m the newly-redesigned Fair Trade Certified label. Check me out with my more modern rounded edges and shades of green. I think my new look will make it even easier for you to spot Fair Trade Certified products in your favorite grocery stores, restaurants and cafes. 
Since 2009, sales of products containing Fair Trade Certified ingredients have resulted in more than $3.4 million in premiums to support the development of farming communities around the globe.  These products, like ice cream, bottled beverages, snack bars and baked goods, contain a combination of Fair Trade Certified ingredients and ingredients for which Fair Trade standards do not exist (like milk, eggs and flour).
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