Our certification gives consumers the confidence that every purchase has a real impact in farmers’ lives.

Certification & Your Business

The Fair Trade certification model is designed and audited to ensure equitable trade practices at every level of the supply chain. To earn a license from Fair Trade USA to use the Fair Trade Certified™ label on their products, companies must buy from certified farms and organizations, pay Fair Trade prices and premiums and submit to a rigorous supply chain audits. This process entails a high level of transparency and traceability in their global supply chains. Today, our partner companies range from small, mission-driven coffee roasters to some of the largest transnational corporations in the world.

Sell Fair Trade Certified Products

Fair Trade USA connects farmers, cooperatives and US businesses to facilitate joint business opportunities, relationships, and the growth of the Fair Trade market.

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These guidelines provide direction on how to use the Fair Trade Certified™ logo and the term "Fair Trade Certified™" on product labels, packaging, POS materials and more. You can report label misuse here.

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