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Creating Sustainable Livelihoods for Marine Communities

In 2014, Fair Trade USA launched its Capture Fisheries Program in an effort to bring the benefits of Fair Trade to small-scale fishermen and their communities. We believe that supporting fishermen across the globe is critical to sustaining fish species for generations to come. Our goal is to see more resilient livelihoods in coastal communities, improved working and living conditions, increased supply and demand for responsibly sourced seafood, and enhanced environmental stewardship and ecosystem protection.

The Capture Fisheries Program uses a step-wise approach that requires improvement of social, economic, and environmental conditions over time. Learn More About the Program Here.

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The first comment period for the draft Fair Trade Capture Fisheries Standard closed on May 30, 2014. Fair Trade USA sincerely thanks all of our partners, colleagues, and stakeholders for providing important, thorough, and thoughtful feedback. Much of the feedback we received was incorporated into the finalized Standard. Our responses to your comments can be downloaded here. The finalized Capture Fisheries Standard and accompanying documents can be found here.

A Collaborative Approach to Fair Trade Fisheries

Since 2012, we have been in conversations with fishing communities, marine conservation specialists, marine certification experts, and market partners throughout the supply chain. Each of these allies continue to play key roles in the program’s development, refinement, and implementation.

In February 2016, The Fair Trade Fisheries Advisory Council (FAC) was elected to consult on the conservation, economic, and applied aspects of Fair Trade Fisheries program.

Members include:



    Alice Miller

International Pole & Line Foundation

    Amanda Lejbowicz

Comunidad y Biodiversidad (COBI)

    Iain Pollard

Aquaculture Stewardship Council

    Brad Spear

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

    Dick Jones

Ocean Outcomes

    Geoffrey Muldoon

World Wildlife Fund, Coral Triangle

    Helen Packer

Fishing & Living/Anova Food

    Meghan Jeans

Independent Consultant

    Momo Kochen


    Neil Radix

Blueyou Consulting

    Sara McDonald

Monterey Bay Aquarium

    Tim Fitzgerald

Environmental Defense Fund

    Tobias Aguirre