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Product Certification

Apparel and Home Goods Program

The Fair Trade Certified Apparel and Home Goods program is the first of its kind to offer a consumer-facing label– a mechanism to recognize brands on their journey towards ethical production, and a signal to consumers looking for high-quality styles that also support better wages and safe working conditions. In a Globescan study, when U.S. consumers were asked what new product they would most like to see Fair Trade Certified, the top response was apparel and textiles.

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How to Manufacture Fair Trade Certified Apparel and Home Goods

Please download the Intro Packet for Factories. The steps of Factory Certification include:

  • Introduction to Fair Trade USA
  • Wage Assessment Fair Trade Training - Workers and Managers
  • Governance Structures for Fair Trade
  • Fair Trade Audit Performance Improvement
  • Traceability of Fair Trade Cotton (FLO)
  • Certified by Fair Trade USA
  • Produce Fair Trade Certified Product and receive Fair Trade Premium

In an effort to maximize both farmer and worker benefit within complex global apparel and home goods supply chains, this program offers several Fair Trade sourcing and labeling options.

  • Fair Trade Cotton AND Fair Trade Factory: All raw cotton material and factory where the products are manufactured are both Fair Trade Certified
  • Fair Trade Cotton: All raw cotton material in the product is Fair Trade Certified
  • Fair Trade Factory/Sewing: The product is manufactured in a facility approved and monitored by Fair Trade USA

How to Source Fair Trade Certified Apparel and Home Goods

  • Purchase Fair Trade Certified Cotton: You can either purchase the seed cotton direclty from a certified producer group or require that your manufacturer source Fair Trade cotton from certified groups. For non-cotton products, other fibers can be used.
  • Purchase from a Fair Trade Certified Manufacturing Facility: Manufacture your products at a registered Fair Trade USA factory and agree to pay a 1-10% Fair Trade permium to a worker-controlled fund. Workers democratically vote on how to spend these funds. Examples include a disaster relief fund for factory workers, a scholarship fund for workers' children, infrastructure improvements in their local communities, or a cash bonus.