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The holidays are a time when we are reminded of all that we have to be grateful for—from good friends to good food (and of course good presents), the list goes on.  As you are celebrating this year, remember to pass on the appreciation to those less fortunate by giving a gift that benefits the lucky recipient as well as the people who made it. This season, Fair Trade Certified has teamed up with World of Good to help make your holiday shopping decisions even easier.
A wonderful way to make your holiday meals this year even more memorable is with Fair Trade Certified ingredients. From Thanksgiving to New Years Eve, you’ll have plenty of opportunities this season to integrate delicious Fair Trade products into your classic recipes.  Check out some of our favorites below. By supporting Fair Trade, you’re helping impoverished small farmers around the developing world.  Fair Trade products guarantee a fair price for the farmer’s harvest and eliminates local middlemen who exploit isolated family farms.
This holiday, give the gift of good taste with Simply Organic Fair Trade Certified™ Baking Mixes.
Ah, the Season of Giving—a time to give thoughtful and considerate gifts to our friends and family. This holiday season, why not give out gifts that keep on giving? Fair Trade gifts are the perfect way to spread holiday joy around the world. By purchasing Fair Trade gifts for the holidays, you are ensuring that the person who made your gift received a fair wage, and you are also con
This holiday, give the gift of good taste with Simply Organic Fair Trade Certified Baking Mixes. Not only are these baking mixes Fair Trade Certified, they are also organic, gluten free, high in whole grain, and...they taste great. Whether baking for family or creating gifts for friends, we have you covered. These hassle free mixes require 2 to 3 common ingredients (i.e.
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