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John O’Malley Burns has been volunteering selflessly in Haiti for the past four years. His commitment? Working with smallholder mango farmers to ensure they receive more of the value of their crops and are encouraged to plant and nurture more trees.
At TransFair USA, we're extremely grateful to have so many friends, family, and supporters who are committed to making the world a better place. We've all been searching for ways to help with Tuesday's catastrophic earthquake near Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
Please take a moment to meet Christine Condo!  Christine Condo has worked for TransFair USA in Rwanda for nearly 3 years as TransFair's Rwanda Project Consultant.
This New Year's Eve, as the ball dropped and glasses clinked, did you make those ever-looming new year's resolutions? While the people around you promise to start using that treadmill buried deep in the garage, or to finally finish that home improvement project they started back in 2003, why not make a resolution you know you can keep: this year, resolve to make 2010 a little more fair.
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