Sustainable Harvest's ‘Let’s Talk Coffee’ Event

Hosted by Sustainable Harvest, ‘Let’s Talk Coffee 2011’ brought together members of the specialty coffee industry

11/21/2011 - 1:44 PM

Each year, Sustainable Harvest, a specialty coffee importer, hosts Let’s Talk Coffee, a 3-day event that brings the specialty coffee industry together to engage in conversations around sustainable production and supply chains, from seed to cup.

This year’s event was hosted in El Salvador with the theme of “Redesigning the Coffee Supply Chain.” Let’s Talk Coffee 2011 focused on collective actions to minimize risk and ensure the future of the industry. Issues addressed included financial training, price risk management, quality calibration across the supply chain, technology innovations for smallholder producers, transparent business interactions, and income diversification techniques for farmers.

Paul Rice, CEO and Miguel Zamora, Director of Coffee Innovation and Producer Relations, spoke to attendees about Fair Trade USA's vision and plan for the future. You can watch the videos below to see what they had to say – you may want to have a Spanish speaking friend or Google Translate at your side – both video’s are in Spanish.

Paul Rice, CEO, Fair Trade USA


Miguel Zamora, Director of Coffee Innovation and Producer Relations

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11/21/2011 - 1:44 PM
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