From Smoothies to Cocktails: Top 7 Fair Trade Drinks for Summer

06/07/2016 - 10:06 AM

Neighborhood barbeques, lazy afternoons by the pool, extra time with the kiddos – these are just a few of the things we love about summer.  It’s an opportunity to reconnect with those closest to us over our favorite warm-weather activities.

And what summer activity would be complete without a big pitcher of lemonade or punch bowl on standby?  These beverages have come to be synonymous with the fun, freedom, and family time summer brings.  That’s why we’ve rounded up drink ideas made with quality Fair Trade ingredients to help you start the season right.  Whether you go for a fruit smoothie or variation on a classic cocktail, you’ll enjoy a great beverage that extends summer cheer to farming families around the world. 

Raise your glass to these tasty and thirst-quenching recipes:


 1.       Bhakti Chai Tropical Ginger Smoothie

Keep the summer heat at bay with this #FairTrade tropical ginger smoothie from Bhakti Chai!

Take your taste buds to the tropics with a vibrant fruit smoothie from Bhakti Chai. This recipe blends Fair Trade Certified™ Bhakti Unsweetened Concentrate, four summery fruits and ginger into a healthy yet delicious treat that helps tea farmers put nutritious meals on their tables.  


 2.       Honest Tea Peach Pick

Looking for a sweet way to cool down this summer? Try this #FairTrade Peach Pick from Honest Tea!

Sweet, juicy peaches and Fair Trade Certified™ Honest Tea meet cool mint leaves in a drink that screams “summer refreshment.”  Serve as a cocktail or non-alcoholic mixer for a tasty beverage that empowers sugar and tea farmers to build sustainable livelihoods.  A great “Pick!”


 3.       Kashi Chocolatey Almond Smoothie Bowl

Start your summer morning off right with a #FairTrade smoothie bowl from Kashi!

Start your summer mornings off right with a smoothie bowl from Kashi! This creamy dish combines Kashi’s Fair Trade Certified™ Breakfast Super Blends, Cocoa Awakening with almond butter, almond milk and a banana (make it Fair Trade!) for a decadent and nutritious breakfast that will keep you going all day long!


 4.       Steaz Cactus Water Smoothie

Refresh yourself the #FairTrade way with a Steaz Cactus Water smoothie!

Cacti’s ability to withstand warmer climes makes cactus water a great source of hydration, electrolytes and antioxidants. This smoothie, made with Fair Trade Certified™ Steaz Cactus Water with Green Tea, amplifies these natural benefits with vitamin-dense fruit and protein powder.  A satisfying beverage to keep you hydrated and energized for all of your summer adventures! 


 5.       Alta Palla Blood Orange Ginger Mojito

Put a #FairTrade spin on your favorite minty cocktail with this mojito recipe from Alta Palla!

Spice up your favorite minty cocktail! Fair Trade Certified™ Alta Palla Blood Orange Sparkling Juice is paired with fresh slices of ginger and blood oranges for a uniquely refreshing spin on a mojito. You’ll sip guiltlessly knowing that each drop empowers sugarcane farmers to invest in causes like education and healthcare.


 6.       Alta Palla Black Cherry Jalapeño Peach Margarita

Check out this tasty variation on a #Margarita from Alta Palla!

Slices of jalapeno add a kick to this fruit-infused take on a classic margarita, made with Fair Trade Certified™ Alta Palla Black Cherry Sparkling Juice.  Serve at your next summer soiree or (grownups only) pool party and watch the recipe requests roll in!  


 7.       Sparkling Bhakti Mate Mojito

Give your tea a grownup twist with this #FairTrade Sparkling Mojito from Bhakti Chai!

Make no mistake:  this isn’t the tea from your childhood tea parties.  Bhakti’s (new) Mint Mate Sparkling Tea is all grown up in this rustic twist on a mojito.  You can sip happily knowing that your beverage helps provide life-changing premiums to sugar and tea farmers.  Cheers to that!



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