Robots Don't Make Your Clothes, People Do

Guest Blog from PACT Apparel

10/20/2015 - 8:24 AM

This guest post comes to us from Jon Jennings, Vice President of Marketing at PACT Apparel. PACT is dedicated to empowering workers along its entire supply chain, from those who grow the cotton to those who sew the final stitches, so that you can wear clothing that both feels and does good. Get cozy in a pair of PACT Crew Socks and read on!

Growing up, I spent countless hours amongst the bargain hunting racks of TJ Maxx, Marshalls and many outlet malls. My mom was a treasure hunter of deals and she took great pride in finding the precious gems of marked down fashion brands. While those were not my fondest memories of childhood, the pride of finding a great deal was fused into my genetic coding. Of course, this wasn’t just the influence of my mother - turn on the television, read your mail, surf the web, drive down the road… we all love a good SALE.
I only ever asked two questions:
  • Did I get what I wanted?
  • Did I get a good deal?
Learn more about where your clothing comes from!
At the beginning of this year (Jan 2015), I started working for a company called PACT and I was greatly amused to tell people that I was working for an organic underwear company. Most people looked at me a little confused, but the bold ones always asked, “Is it edible?” Fair question, but no. 

A New Perspective

On week 2 of my new job, I went to India with a photographer and videographer to see the PACT supply chain for myself and learn how we were different (because the world does not need another clothing company). What I discovered was people. Amazing, beautiful, kind, hospitable, hard working people. I learned about the staggering realities of crippling debt slavery for farmers, sickness from toxic chemicals and the terribly oppressive conditions of many garment factories, but that is not what I saw. I experienced the collective efforts of Chetna Organic, Fair Trade USA and PACT, who had come together to build partnerships that produced clothing with care for both people and planet.  
Purchasing #FairTrade apparel empowers workers across the world!
In our grocery stores, it is getting easier to ask & answer the questions:
  • Where did my food come from?
  • How was it made and by whom?
Not many people are asking these questions about our clothing, but those are exactly the questions we want to inspire people to start asking. Learn more at

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