Peppers with the Promise of Prosperity

Educational Opportunities through Fair Trade Certified Bell Peppers

02/21/2012 - 11:02 AM

All vegetables can support a healthy lifestyle and build a stronger body, but some can promise a great deal more.

Fair Trade Certified™ sweet bell peppers from Divemex not only deliver a delicious dose of Potassium and vitamins A & C — among other key nutrients — they also support a healthy environment and build a stronger community.

Divemex Fair Trade Certified™ red, yellow and orange bell peppers grow in conventional and organic greenhouses under the sunny skies of Culiacan, Mexico. The peppers are tended by many dedicated workers, committed to growing tasty, high-quality peppers, while also contributing to a better future for their families and their planet.

Floriberto Romero studying

Among them are the parents of Floriberto Romero, who are from Chiepetepec Tlapa de Comonfort, high in the mountains of the Southern Mexican state of Guerrero. The youngest of five children, Floriberto is the only one of his siblings to attend school. He rides the Divemex bus to junior high each day, and like kids everywhere, does his homework with help from his mother in the evening. Floriberto Romero playing soccer Unlike his peers in many other parts of the world, however, Floriberto worries about the future of his family. He knows he must do well in school so he can help take care of them after completing his studies.

Floriberto is one of the many children of Divemex families whose schooling is supported by the Fair Trade Certified™ pepper program. Divemex employees identified education as a path to a better tomorrow, and are using the premiums they receive through Fair Trade to cover scholarships, registration fees, transportation, and other requirements for children today. Support is also available for workers seeking secondary education or professional training that advances their role.

While he’s serious about school, you can count on Floriberto having fun. When his homework is done, and before he reaches for his soccer ball, you’ll find him re-energizing with a plate full of eggs scrambled with diced Fair Trade peppers. Try some with your favorite breakfast dish today!

02/21/2012 - 11:02 AM
02/21/2012 - 11:02 AM