May 14 is World Fair Trade Day: Wake Up the World!

Celebrate World Fair Trade Day on Saturday, May 14, 2011

04/07/2011 - 6:40 PM

Change Your Breakfast, Change the World.

It's as easy as a cup of coffee and a banana!

Join Fair Trade supporters from around the world to celebrate World Fair Trade Day with a Fair Trade Breakfast on Saturday, May 14.  It's easy to get involved and take action in support of social, economic and environmental sustainability for farmers and workers around the world!

Fair Trade Breakfast (n): A morning meal that features as many Fair Trade Certified products and ingredients as possible, giving participants the opportunity to learn about and celebrate Fair Trade.

Host a Fair Trade Breakfast

Home: Prepare a Fair Trade Breakfast for your family and friends. Educate guests about Fair Trade and call out the Fair Trade Certified ingredients that you used in each dish. You can also enjoy a Fair Trade breakfast on your own; it’s as easy as making a cup of Fair Trade Certified coffee or tea and eating a Fair Trade Certified banana. Make sure to share a picture on Facebook!
School: Organize a Fair Trade Breakfast potluck at your school on Friday, May 13. Challenge participants to use at least two Fair Trade Certified products in each dish.
Work: Take a Fair Trade coffee break on the morning of Friday, May 13. Use this as an opportunity to educate your colleagues about Fair Trade, and to ask your employer to regularly source Fair Trade Certified coffee.

Get Creative!

How many Fair Trade Certified ingredients can you pack into your Fair Trade Breakfast?


Eat Out and Take Action

Go out for breakfast and ask for Fair Trade Certified coffee or tea with your meal. If the restaurant carries Fair Trade, thank the manager! If not, politely fill out a comment card requesting Fair Trade. You could also suggest that the kitchen use Fair Trade Certified ingredients like spices, sugar, honey and chocolate!
Visit your local grocery store and browse for Fair Trade Certified products.  Then ask for a comment card and a) request that the store carry more Fair Trade Certified products and/or b) THANK the store for carrying the Fair Trade Certified products that you found.  Make your voice heard!

Wake Up the World Online Find coupons for Fair Trade Certified products, browse recipes and learn more about Fair Trade USA.
Facebook: Post pictures of your Fair Trade Breakfast and tag @Fair Trade Certified in your posts.
Twitter: Use the hashtags #FairTradeDay and #WakeUpWorld. Tweet about your Fair Trade Breakfast.
Flickr: Upload photos of your Fair Trade Breakfast and add them to the “Wake Up the World” group and send your favorites to
Web Banners: Use this web banner on your blog to help spread the word about World Fair Trade Day

World Fair Trade Day Challenge

Tell at least five people about Fair Trade! 
Show off your support for Fair Trade with a Wake Up the World Banana or Coffee Mug.
Fair Trade is helping these mango farmers in Haiti recover from the 2010 earthquake. Here they are saying in Creole:
"May 14 is World Fair Trade Day. Join us in eating Fair Trade Certified mangoes to Wake Up the World."


04/07/2011 - 6:40 PM
04/07/2011 - 6:40 PM