Individual Capacity Building in Capucas, Honduras

Jose Isidro Lara grows some of the highest quality Fair Trade Certified coffee around

01/31/2013 - 5:51 PM

Meet Jose Isidro Lara, member of COCAFCAL in Honduras. He started coffee farming on one acre that was given to him by his father. With the Fair Trade prices he receives, he has been able to invest in 9 more acres throughout the area.

Jose Isidro Lara grows Fair Trade Certified coffee in Capucas, Honduras

His father was not a Fair Trade farmer and had limited resources to invest in his personal wet mill. You can see his father's wet mill below.

Jose Isidro's father didn't have much money to invest in his coffee wet mill

Thanks to Fair Trade prices, Jose Isidro's wet mill is different. He has been able to invest in building a modern wet mill, which enables him to produce even better coffee.

Jose Isidro's has invested in a modern wet mill for his Fair Trade Certified coffee

He has also built a solar drying area to enable more consistent quality of his coffee. By covering his patio he prevents the coffee from rotting by protecting it from the rain, while the greenhouse effect speeds up the drying process.

Jose Isidro's built a solar drying patio for his Fair Trade Certified coffee

His investment in quality has resulted in him earning several cupping awards.

Paul Rice with Jose Isidro and his awards for his Fair Trade Certified coffee

He receives 2x the market price from importers because of the quality resulting from his investments in capacity building. Fair Trade enables these prices because local buyers don't pay more for quality.

While the local exporter sends millions of pounds of coffee to companies around the world...

Coffee bags in a Honduras warehouse

Jose Isidro's coffee is requested by name. This is very rare in an industry where most coffee is often sorted simply by country or region of origin.

Microlot of Jose Isidro's Fair Trade Certified coffee

He is able to receive a higher price for his coffee by talking directly to importers and removing the middleman.

Jose Isidro talking to importer Al Liu about Fair Trade Certified coffee

And importers LOVE his coffee.

Al Liu hugging Jose Isidro's Fair Trade Certified coffee

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