Gorgeous for Good: How Your Skin Care Can Change the World

Sophie Uliano advocates for conscious beauty and sustainable living

04/10/2015 - 9:31 AM
This guest blog post comes to us from Sophie Uliano, a Health & Beauty expert over at Gorgeously Green. Not only is Sophie a big Fair Trade supporter, but she is also the author of 3 New York Times best-selling books about living a greener and healthier life. Read on to learn more.
Since the title of my new book is “Gorgeous For Good”, it stands to reason that I recommend using skin care and nutritional ingredients that are not only good for our health and the planet, but that are also produced by companies who are invested in good ethical practices. This is where fairly traded ingredients come into the picture for me, and is the very reason why I recommend that you try to purchase both beauty and food products that carry a Fair Trade Certified label.
Gorgeous for Good: How Your Skin Care Can Change the World
When we think of Fair Trade, we typically think of food crops such as coffee, chocolate and tea, but keep in mind that these very ingredients have now crept into our beauty products too. For example, I include DIY recipes in Gorgeous For Good, for products such as chocolate body scrubs, and green tea sunscreen. I also recommend using coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter whenever possible because these happen to be some of the most skin-nourishing ingredients that nature has to offer – way more healthy and effective that cheap mineral oil, which comes from petroleum.

Conscious beauty is all about becoming mindful of every aspect of the products that we slather on our skin everyday. I’d much rather put my money into the pockets of companies who care about the people who produce their ingredients, than companies who simply care about their bottom line. A beauty product isn’t beautiful if its manufacturing process involved suffering of any kind.

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We all deserve to be Gorgeous, and we all deserve to earn a fair wage for what we do. In purchasing Fair Trade products we help empower men and women across the globe, and that’s what living gorgeously is all about!
Sophie Uliano’s book, Gorgeous For Good – A simple 30-Day Program To Lasting Beauty Inside & Out launches today. So grab your copy here.


04/10/2015 - 9:31 AM
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