Give Flowers that Empower this Valentine’s Day

02/11/2016 - 3:40 PM

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about showing your loved ones you care - and we're here to help!  What better way to share the love than with the gift of Fair Trade Certified flowers? When you buy these sprigs, bunches and bouquets, you extend the feelings of love and appreciation at the heart of Valentine’s Day to inspirational women farm workers in Ecuador -- helping to provide maternity leave, education, housing and healthcare for them and their loved ones.  Here are a few easy ways to purchase Fair Trade Certified flowers for that special someone:

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In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’d like to share a few stories of the strong, dedicated and loving women of Fair Trade:

Carmen Pucuji - Agrogana Flower Worker, Ecuador

Carmen Pucuji works at Agrogana, a flower farm nestled in the mountainous Andean region of Ecuador. A single mother, Carmen is excited for the educational opportunities Agrogana has made available to her 14-year-old son, Kevin Isaac, who recently received a scholarship funded by the farm's Fair Trade Community Development Premiums to study at a top school. The Fair Trade funded scholarship also enabled Carmen to buy a computer, school supplies, and transport that she knows will help her son get ahead in life.

“I work for my son…so I am very grateful for the Fair Trade prize…Thank you.” - Carmen Pucuji, Agrogana Flower Worker

Find out how to order Fair Trade Certified flowers for Valentine's Day and help support flower workers around the world!

Maria Quishpe - Agrocoex Flower Worker, Ecuador

Maria Quishpe has worked at the Ecuadorian rose estate Agrocoex since 2003.  She has served three consecutive terms as president of the Fair Trade Committee, a leadership opportunity that is often unavailable to women who work at non-Fair Trade Certified flower estates. She and other Fair Trade Committee members are currently finalizing plans for a housing project funded by their Fair Trade Community Development Premiums that will accommodate over 200 Agrocoex employees and their families.

Find out how to order Fair Trade Certified flowers for Valentine's Day and help support flower workers around the world!

“Each rose [sold] represents a step towards our collective dream of improved housing. Each rose is gathered with lots of love.” - Maria Quishpe, Agrocoex Flower Worker

Margot Chancusig - Agrogana Flower Worker, Ecuador

As the mother of two toddlers, Agrogana flower worker Margot Chancusig is grateful for the ways Fair Trade allows her to provide for her family. The health clinic established with Fair Trade premiums ensures that her children will get the care they need to stay healthy. Both of her children have also received scholarships funded by Fair Trade Premiums to buy school supplies and further their education.

Find out how to order Fair Trade Certified flowers for Valentine's Day and help support flower workers around the world!

“Thanks to Fair Trade and Agrogana we can provide very good benefits for our children.” - Margot Chancusig, Agrogana Flower Worker

These stories illustrate some of the many ways in which your gift of Fair Trade flowers can empower women around the world.  You might already be envisioning your loved one’s smile when you present them with those vibrant roses in bloom...  Now take a moment to imagine the smile on the Ecuadorian flower worker's face when she is guaranteed healthcare for her family or when her children attend school on a scholarship funded by Fair Trade Premiums.

Make your Valentine's Day just a little bit sweeter this year and help share the love by giving your loved ones the gift of Fair Trade. Give flowers that empower!

02/11/2016 - 3:40 PM
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