Fair Trade USA's Donors Support Sustainable Community Development

11/21/2011 - 11:12 AM

Fair Trade USA depends on people like you to support our work in farming communities around the world, helping producer groups invest in the future of their land, business, and community through Fair Trade.

With the generous support of our donors, we have recently embarked on several exciting projects that will strengthen farming communities now, while bringing hope for the future. Here are just a few of the recent projects Fair Trade USA has been tackling with your generous support.

Hope in Haiti: After the devastating earthquake in 2010, we helped mango cooperative FENAPCOM rebuild from the rubble. Fair Trade USA continues to give support today by providing training and education while introducing farmers to U.S. businesses who are eager to buy their mangos on Fair Trade terms.

Know-how in Kenya: Organized business management trainings in Kenya at the Kikai coffee cooperative, providing members with the skills and know-how to further their business knowledge. Currently the farmers are preparing to apply for a loan to finance new equipment that will help them improve production while using ¾ less water than traditional methods.

Biodiversity in Brazil: Fair Trade USA upholds strict environmental standards to ensure that both the land and the people, plants and animals that inhabit it are protected from harsh pesticides, agrochemicals and other harmful farming practices. By providing environmental education to Fair Trade coffee cooperatives in Brazil, representing 30,000 farming families, farmers are encouraged to grow organic and are taught the necessary skills to do so, thus helping them to produce organic coffee for the U.S. market and increase their earnings.

We want to extend a big “Thank You” to one of our generous supporters - the law firm Goulston & Storrs. Goulston & Storrs has shared their vast expertise, pro-bono, with Fair Trade USA for many years. The firm is dedicated to giving back and has received several prestigious awards for its extensive pro-bono work on behalf of nonprofit organizations focused on poverty alleviation and environmental conservation.

We are ever so grateful to Goulston & Storrs and all of YOU in the Fair Trade USA community – consumers, activists and donors - who continue to help us connect farmers and workers worldwide with the skills, services and support that exemplify the life-changing benefits of Fair Trade, now and in the future.

11/21/2011 - 11:12 AM
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