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Fair Trade Friday Crossword Contest

07/24/2009 - 1:01 PM

Congratulations on surviving another week! To celebrate Fair Trade Friday, we have put together an awesome Fair Trade Crossword Puzzle for you to complete. The first 5 people to successfully complete the puzzle will win an awesome T-shirt, so follow the instructions below and get started! The contest ends at midnight (PST) on Sunday July 26. Winners will be notified on Monday, July 27. Instructions: 1.    Click the link: 2.    Press “Solve Online” at the bottom of the page. 3.    Complete the crossword puzzle by writing one letter in each box. 4.    Once the puzzle is completed, take a screen shot of the puzzle (make sure the entire puzzle is visible on the screen before you take the screen shot). a.    For PCs: Press PRINT SCREEN key (located on upper right of keyboard), then open a Microsoft Word document and go to EDIT-->PASTE. Save the Microsoft Word document containing the screen shot image of your completed puzzle and send it as an attachment to b.    For Macs: Press Apple (Command) Key +Shift+3. This will capture the entire screenshot to a file on the desktop saved as 'picture #'. E-mail the file as an attachment to Good luck!
07/24/2009 - 1:01 PM
07/24/2009 - 1:01 PM