Fair Trade Fosters Eco-Friendly Practices

Fair Trade is green trade in the U.S. and worldwide

07/19/2011 - 11:10 AM

Fair Trade and environmental conservation go hand in hand. Farmers and workers on Fair Trade farms follow strict environmental standards that are good for the land, the farmers, and for people like you and me who buy the products they grow.

With Fair Trade you can rest assured that no harmful agro-chemicals or genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) were used to grow the Fair Trade products you love.

Responsible Farming around the World

Fair Trade provides farmers and farm workers with the financial resources they need to convert to organic farming methods and protect fragile ecosystems. Communities from Costa Rica to Côte d’Ivoire use Fair Trade earnings to implement reforestation projects and provide hands-on environmental education for their kids.

CoopeTarrazú, a coffee cooperative in Costa Rica, is an inspiring example of the strong connection between Fair Trade and environmental protection. The cooperative established a comprehensive plan for environmental sustainability, one that focuses on raising awareness of ecosystems through a strong educational curriculum for both adults and children.

Youth in the CoopeTarrazú community participate in environmental impact research by tracking birds and insect populations as well as learning about the important role these creatures play in coffee production and ecosystem maintenance.

Going Green in the USA

Back here in the United States, nonprofit organization Fair Trade USA works with farmer cooperatives in 70 countries worldwide and businesses all across the nation. At Fair Trade USA's headquarters in Oakland, CA we take environmental conservation seriously too- we recycle like crazy, have efficient lighting systems, and bike to work. Last year Fair Trade USA's Green Team calculated our organizational carbon footprint, including electricity and water usage, waste, and air travel.

We determined that Fair Trade USA's carbon footprint is below the average for organizations of our size!

Despite this success, we constantly work to decrease our environmental impact every day. Our Green Team is busy reducing junk mail, organizing car pools, and adding bike racks to the office so that any staff member who wants to ride their bike to work has a safe place to store it. We are proud that Fair Trade USA’s green efforts are in unity with our Fair Trade farming partners around the world who excel at environmental protection.

Get Involved

As a nonprofit organization, Fair Trade USA raises charitable dollars to expand the number of communities and ecosystems that benefit from Fair Trade. Join Fair Trade’s worldwide Green Team: Donate today.

07/19/2011 - 11:10 AM
07/19/2011 - 11:10 AM