Fair Trade Certified Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Share the Love on Valentine's Day with these gifts that give back.

01/30/2012 - 5:54 PM

Every Gift Matters

Looking to give a meaningful gift this Valentine’s Day?  One that will bring a smile to your loved one’s face and benefit farming communities around the world at the same time?  Support workers' rights, protect the environment and share the love by choosing Fair Trade with these can’t-fail Valentine’s Day gift ideas.


One World FlowersAmericans will buy more than 189 million stems of roses this Valentine's Day, the majority of which will travel all the way from Ecuador and Colombia before they’re sold to doting beaus.  You can make sure that your long-stemmed symbols of love positively impact the lives of farm workers (many of whom are women) by looking for bouquets bearing the Fair Trade Certified logo. 

Fair Trade Certified roses can be found in-store at Whole Foods Market. Just look for the big, beautiful blossoms and vivid colors with the green Whole Trade Guarantee sticker in the floral department. Before you hand over these special roses, make sure to read up on the farm they came from to add a sweet story to the gift.

If you are sending flowers to loved ones, you can order online from One World Flowers and schedule the delivery of beautiful Ecuadorian roses. In addition to traditional red and pink roses, you can select themed bouquets like “Helping Haiti” and “Honoring Japan” that support much-needed relief efforts in those countries.  Remember to order early: Fair Trade Certified roses tend to sell out during this season. Use the coupon code FairTrade5 to get $5 off your order.

Share the Love: Show your love for Fair Trade Certified roses by asking your local florist to carry them. You can also use this photo as your Facebook timeline cover picture (Ladies: this works well as a subtle hint to your Valentine who might otherwise make the mistake of getting you non-certified roses). 

Read more about Fair Trade Certified roses.


Even though Americans spend $16 billion a year on decadent cocoa products, cocoa farmers face tremendous instability. Fair Trade certification ensures that cocoa farmers receive a fair price for their harvest, creates direct trade links between farmer-owned cooperatives and buyers, and provides access to affordable credit.  Fair Trade also strictly prohibits slave and child labor. This Valentine’s Day, support a better life for cocoa farmers by sharing your favorite Fair Trade Certified confection with your friends and family.  There are plenty of delicious options to help you achieve this goal, including Sweet Earth Chocolates Classic Red Velvet Box, Sjaak’s dark chocolate with raspberry bar, ChocoDream Spreads, Kopali Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs, TCHO "My Heart's Desire" Adigard 12-Bar Sampler, Alter Eco Dark Velvet Chocolate and sweetriot riotous riotBar gift set.

Read more about Fair Trade Certified cocoa.

Share the Love: Help change the cocoa industry for the better by asking large chocolate manufacturers to go Fair Trade.  Many companies have comment submission forms on their websites, making this an easy action to take.  It is also important to thank companies for their delicious Fair Trade Certified offerings – do this with a handwritten card, e-mail or post on Facebook!

Coffee & Tea

Start the day off right by brewing a hot pot of Fair Trade Certified coffee or tea for your special someone. When it comes to coffee, look for a special blend with a good story, like Weaver's Astral Blend (supports Breast Cancer Research - use code 1201FT for free shipping in February on orders over $45), Grounds for Change Cafe Famenino Peru (promotes women's empowerment) or Green Mountain Coffee Golden French Toast (it's just fun!).  If you prefer tea, there are plenty of Valentine-approved blends available like the Rishi Tea Pu-erh Gift Set, Choice Organic Tea Rooibos Chai, Art of Tea Vanilla Berry Truffle or Zhena's Gypsy Tea Pomegranate Rose.

Share the Love: Did your loved one enjoy your Fair Trade Certified Valentine's Day brew?  Take the time to thank the company that made it with a shout out on Facebook or Twitter.  

Baked Goods     

Nothing completes a Valentine’s Day dinner like a freshly-prepared dessert.  With so many high-quality Fair Trade Certified ingredients available (chocolate, sugar, honey, coffee, etc.), it’s easy to create your own Fair Trade Certified delicacy. Take a lesson from Top Chef Just Desserts contestant Malika Ameen and try her Chocolate Mousse Cake with Vanilla Cardamom Swirl, or browse through Wholesome Sweeteners’ tantalizing Valentine’s Day recipes. Chocolate Hazelnut Waffles with Frangelico Brown Butter Syrup, anyone?

Not much of a baker?  Don’t worry; there are options for you, too!  The bakery at Sam’s Club now carries a variety of freshly-prepared treats made with Fair Trade Certified sugar, including banana nut bread and pound cake.

And thanks to Just Sweets Desserts, you can order online and send elegant Fair Trade Certified treats to loved ones.  Nothing says “I love you” like the delivery of a box of Fairest Chocolate Chip Cookies on your doorstep.

Share the Love: Host a Fair Trade dessert party.  Ask friends to bring their favorite dessert, made with as many Fair Trade Certified ingredients as possible.  Judge the desserts based on taste and number of Fair Trade ingredients used.

Wine & Spirits

Add a little color to your Valentine’s Day table with red and pink drinks. You can order Heritage Link One World Shiraz online or pick up a bottle of Cantora at Whole Foods Market (it's a Top 10 wine!). In addition to wine, Valentine's Day is a great time to try one of the FAIR. Spirits. You can blend FAIR. Quinoa with FAIR. Goji to make a beautiful, pink Gogipolitan. If you can't find these spirits locally, you can order them online from JugShop.com67WineMarketview Liqueur or Cask.

Read more about Fair Trade Certified wine and spirits.

Share the Love: Make sure to ask for Fair Trade Certified beverages at your favorite restaurants and bars.  Suggest that they contact Fair Trade USA for more information and product recommendations.

Unmentionables (and other items of Fair Trade Certified clothing)

While the month of February brings with it an abundance of gifts geared toward the special women in our lives, it can also bring a sense of panic to those seeking the perfect gift for the perfect man.  Well fear no more, this Valentine’s Day show him you care with something a little more…well, outside the box. Good & Fair’s Fair Trade Certified boxers, made with 100% Organic Poplin cotton, last infinitely longer than a box of chocolates, and they are lightweight and comfortable to boot! Aside from the boxers, consider a scarf from Maggie’s Organics, the prAna Soul Tee, or a Classic Polo from by Tompkins Point Apparel. Fair Trade Certified apparel and linens support the livelihoods of cotton farmers with better prices and also benefits factory workers with a community development premium for schools, medical clinics, scholarships and more.

Share the Love: Spread the word about Fair Trade Certified apparel and linens by sharing this link:  You can also make a donation to Fair Trade USA to support the expansion of our apparel and linens program. Our expansion initiatives are 100% funded by philanthropic contributions like yours.

Read more about Fair Trade Certified apparel and linens.

Gifts of Fairness

Does your sweetheart have everything or want nothing? You can give a unique paperless, package-less gift that changes the world - a Gift of Fairness. This Valentine’s Day, your donation to Fair Trade USA can come the form of a symbolic gift such as a Fair Wage for a Woman or a Micro Loan for a Grandmother. Fair Trade provides women with decent income and economic opportunities in 70 countries worldwide. Designate someone special to receive your new Gift of Fairness and personalize an e-card for them. Hint: this is a wonderful last-minute gift!

Share the Love: Fair Trade USA is a nonprofit organization that depends on donations to expand the benefits of Fair Trade to farmers and workers in new geographic locations and product categories every year.  Encourage your friends and family to consider making a donation in support of Fair Trade this Valentine’s Day by sharing this link:


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