FAIR. Mixes it Up for Fair Trade Coffee Enthusiasts

Guest Blogger: Dänny Ronen of FAIR. (The Fair Trade Spirits Co)

11/17/2011 - 4:54 PM


Guest Blogger, Dänny Ronen of FAIR. (The Fair Trade Spirits Co) recently partnered with Richard Sandlin of Fair Trade USA to serve Fair Trade cocktails to some of the specialty coffee industry's finest baristas. He shares his experience of the event along with some tasty FAIR. cocktail recipes to inspire your next cocktail party.


Greetings! I'm Dänny Ronen, National Brandmaster for FAIR. (The Fair Trade Spirits Co). On October 26th, deep in the Santa Barbara mountains, I partnered with Fair Trade USA and hosted a Fair Trade Certified Cocktail Hour at the Specialty Coffee Association’s (SCAA) Barista Guild of America’s (BGA) 2nd Annual Retreat, Camp Pull-A-Shot.

With Richard Sandlin, my Fair Trade army of one by my side, we served Fair Trade cocktails featuring FAIR.’s entire product line, FAIR. Quinoa Vodka, FAIR. Goji Liqueur and most relevant to the group, the FAIR. Café Liqueur, the first-ever Fair Trade coffee spirit. The 150 caffeine-induced coffee professionals flocked to our fireside bar to warm up to sustainable sourcing methods and take the chill off of their espresso intoxications. Frankly, I was a bit nervous about how they'd react to the FAIR. Café -- I know it's great, but what are crazed coffee nerds going to think? Explosive! I wish Cask had been around the corner -- they'd have sold out of all their FAIR. on the spot!

During the cocktail hour (or more appropriate – six hours), my compatriot and I were fortunate enough to meet many existing Fair Trade partners, answer questions from interested parties about the global Fair Trade movement and educate all whom attended about how with Fair Trade, Every Purchase Matters.

I thought for sure that those who had been at the camp for 3 days of intense coffee training, tasting, etc., would want something other than coffee, but among the concoctions served, the crowd favorite seemed to be the "Faux Tequila Cocktail" -- we called it that because I used the FAIR. Quinoa Vodka, which is so versatile that when used in different ways, can work as different spirits and take your drink in great directions. The drink, which everyone thought was a tequila drink, used FAIR. Quinoa Vodka, FAIR. Cafe Liqueur, rosemary-infused agave syrup and Toddy's cold-brewed Guatemalan coffee. And after a long day of espresso sipping, bean brewing and latte pouring, the elixir was the perfect way to end the day (or better yet – start the night). 

I would like to thank the SCAA, the BGA, Fair Trade USA and all those who attended the Fair Trade Certified Cocktail Hour at the 2nd Annual Camp Pull-A-Shot. I cannot wait until next year – but next time, I’ll bring a huge jacket... it gets cold up in them thar hills. Thanks, everyone!

Enjoy these favorite FAIR. cocktails and host your own Fair Trade Certified Cocktail Hour!

2oz FAIR. Quinoa fair trade vodka
0.5oz honey syrup (1-to-1 ratio water to honey, rosemary honey if you'd like -- amazing)
1 dash Angostura bitters
1 dash orange bitters
Stir to chill, strain into a rocks glass, one big piece of ice.
Garnish with an orange peel

1.5oz FAIR. Quinoa
0.75oz FAIR.Goji
0.75oz Cynar (but Campari and Aperol will also work)
Stir to chill, strain into chilled cocktail glass, garnish with thick orange peel.
(For people who won't go too bitter, sweeten it up with a splash of Combier orange liqueur) 

2oz Bulleit Bourbon
0.75oz FAIR. Cafe fair trade liqueur
2 dashes Regan's orange bitters
Stir to chill. Strain into chilled cocktail glass.
Garnish with flamed orange peel*
*not crucial, but as you know, the flame will attract 50 more people to order it!

1.5oz organic repo tequila
0.5oz FAIR. Goji fair trade liqueur
1 lime wedge
Fever Tree ginger beer
Shake to chill. Strain over ice into a chilled collins glass.
Top with ginger beer and squeezed lime wedge.


1.5oz 123 Organic Tequila #2 (reposado)
1oz FAIR. Goji fair trade liqueur
0.5oz Fernet Branca
0.5oz honey syrup (1-to-1 ratio)
Shake to chill. Strain into a cocktail glass. No garnish.
*optional, you can throw a whole egg into it! Dry shake first, then add other ingredients.

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