Celebrating Fair Trade Month with aspretto by Sodexo

Guest Blog Post from aspretto by Sodexo

10/13/2015 - 11:54 AM

This guest blog post comes to us from Laura Thompson, Senior Brand Manager for aspretto - Sodexo’s proprietary coffee brand. aspretto is dedicated to empowering coffee and tea farmers and workers around the world, and giving you a delicious cup of Fair Trade Certified™ coffee and tea. #BeFair and read on!

Learn more about aspretto, Sodexo's proprietary #FairTrade coffee!

Q: Tell us a little bit about aspretto:

As Sodexo’s leading in-house coffee brand, we pride ourselves on connecting with both consumers and farmers.  aspretto offers clients and customers a variety of tea and coffee experiences, from self-serve brewed coffee and expresso specialty drinks to our proprietary beverages served at our aspretto coffee bar.  We’re excited to leverage the flexibility of these models to bring quality, sustainable coffee to a wider consumer base.  aspretto’s 100% Fair Trade Certified™ roasts are currently available on college campuses, corporations, government locations and in hospitals across the United States.  Twice a year, we offer special Estates coffees, each highlighting a different Fair Trade cooperative.  We are proud of both our reach and offerings and can’t wait for what the future holds! 
aspretto, Sodexo's proprietary #FairTrade coffee, empowers coffee farmers around the world!

Q: What impact has aspretto’s Fair Trade efforts generated? 

Sodexo’s scale and scope provides us with an opportunity, and the responsibility, to improve the communities where we live, work and serve. In the last two years alone, our purchases of Fair Trade Certified™ coffee have helped sustainable farming communities earn over $157,000 in Fair Trade Community Development Premiums. A portion of every purchase of aspretto coffee helps fund community-driven projects in Latin America and Africa. Each community works together to choose where investments are needed – in some communities that has meant improved access to healthcare, while others have decided to invest in better agricultural practices. We are proud to support our farming partners in the field and believe it takes a sustained effort to build positive change!

Q: What has aspretto done to share its commitment to Fair Trade with customers?

aspretto partners with Fair Trade USA to provide free educational and promotional materials wherever aspretto is sold.  These Fair Trade info sheets, cup sleeves, and Fair Trade Month raffle prizes (remember to #BeFair!) help tell our Fair Trade story.  Our joint efforts drives awareness and help our baristas engage in meaningful conversations with customers.  Our customers get to feel great about giving back through their purchases while enjoying a delicious drink.
Enjoy #FairTrade coffee from Sodexo's aspretto coffee bar!

Q: What are some new and exciting projects and origins aspretto is working with?

We launched our first destination coffee bar – which happens to be at our Sodexo Headquarters!  It provides a true aspretto experience to our consumers with one-on-one interactions with our barista to craft a customized drink for you.  Our modern, comfortable setting provides a perfect escape or place to gather with colleagues.  Let’s just say if you’re looking for me at our offices then I’m probably collaborating with colleagues at the coffee bar!
We also recently launched our latest Estate Coffee – Rwanda Misozi Abakundakawa.  This cooperative has seen significant growth since its founding in 2004 and recently used its community development funds to purchase more advanced farming equipment, including coffee washing stations.  The inherent flavors of chocolate, spice and hibiscus make it a unique coffee that provides an enjoyable flavor experience worth going back for more.

Q: If you could tell readers one thing about Fair Trade, what would it be?

Everyone wants to feel a connection to the brands they know and love.  People want to know that their purchase makes a difference, and for us that includes the story behind our coffee.  Our partnership with Fair Trade USA helps us share that story and ensures that we are able to give back to the farmers that make it all possible.  And that’s a great feeling!
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