Brazilian Coffee Benefits from Sustainable Farming Methods

The Sustainable Sourcing Partnership Project Celebrates Advances Made With Organic and Sustainable Farming in Brazil

03/22/2011 - 11:50 AM

Brazilian Fair Trade coffee farmers are blazing the trails for sustainable coffee, turning their soil upside down as they continue making moves towards organic conversion. These cooperatives are using sustainable farming practices to change the way the nation’s coffee is produced. As Brazil is the world's leading coffee exporter, Fair Trade farmers in the region are in the spotlight as they work to reverse the coffee industry’s reliance on fertilizer and high impact farming practices. In the past, high yield was more important than high quality, but things are rapidly changing. Brazilian coffee farmers are working hard to produce high quality coffees that are Fair Trade Certified and Organic in order to improve thier lives and protect the environment.

Brazilian cooperatives have been undergoing a conversion of practices to follow their belief in sustainability. With the establishment of the Sustainable Sourcing Partnership Project (SSPP), Fair Trade USA, USAID, and Green Mountain Coffee have been able to help these farmers access and implement the resources they need to further organic production and create a sustainable environment and sustainable lifestyles.

Everyone is rolling up their sleeves and jumping in. Our own Fair Trade USA team continuously travels to Brazil to bring back not only organic and sustainability progress reports, but also the invaluable stories of the producers who have come together on a mission to revolutionize the nation’s coffee industry. Producers describe the impact Fair Trade Premiums have had on their lives, sharing stories about how the premiums have gone to providing healthcare, building schools, and building homes. Now you have the opportunity to meet these Brazilian coffee producers too!

Follow along as we begin a blog series to introduce you to a new cooperative every week as they prepare for the SCAA convention in April. You will learn all about the unique ways Brazilian farmers are making their harvests Fair Trade Certified and sustainable while converting to organic production with our upcoming Producer Profile series. Later on, check out our series on Measuring Impact  to learn about the challenges they are overcoming and how Fair Trade Certification and the Fair Trade Premiums have benefited their communities.

In a nation who's economy has been heavily boosted by thriving coffee yields, converting to Fair Trade Certification and organic and sustainable farming practices is no small feat, it’s a huge victory.

Help celebrate Brazilian farmers by treating yourself to a delicious Fair Trade Certified coffee.


Check in soon to hear more about the Brazilian coffee projects!

03/22/2011 - 11:50 AM
03/22/2011 - 11:50 AM