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The school year is upon us. While some of us are getting into a new groove and (if we’re still on top of it) packing lunches and planning outfits the night before, the rest of us are still tying up those odds and ends on our back-to-school shopping list.

How the Coconut Craze is Affecting Farmers and 2 Things You Can Do To Help

Welcome to the age of the coconut, one of the world’s most popular “superfoods”. If you couldn’t already tell, coconut products are everywhere. And demand is still rising. Coconut water, the first to hit the market, was quickly followed by a boom in sugars, oils, flours, body care, detergents and even home cleaning products.
With May in the rearview mirror and weekend after weekend of barbeques, picnics and pool parties on the horizon, it’s time to heat up your summer beverage game.  Here are seven of our favorite recipes, all made with Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients, to keep you cool and hydrated for whatever the sunny season throws your way.  
This guest blog comes to us from  Erika Koss, a writer, researcher, and Assistant Dean at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Erika has spent years studying coffee on the ground with a focus on East Africa, and she hosts a series of talks called “The World in Your Cup” with major players in the specialty coffee industry focused on sustainability for the sector. In July 2016 she journeyed with Fair Trade USA to visit coffee cooperatives in the small East African country of Rwanda.
This guest blog post was written by Gesner Cledo Nozil (Nozil), a part-time field staff member for Fair Trade USA who works with mango producer groups in Haiti. Nozil has a long history working with mango producer groups in Haiti, especially in developing systems and processes to help them earn organic and Fair Trade Certification. As a field staff member, he works to ensure that trainings are completed, Community Development Funds are correctly spent and that the Fair Trade Committee has plenty of support.
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