Astral Blend: Artisan Coffee For a Cause

Guest post from Renee Brown of Weaver's Coffee & Tea

02/15/2013 - 3:02 PM

This guest blog post comes to us from Renee Brown of Weaver’s Coffee & Tea. Read on to learn about their seasonal Astral Blend, which helps support breast cancer research and treatment; and why Fair Trade is important to their mission. Enter the giveaway below for a chance to win 2 bags of their 100% Organic and Fair Trade Certfied Astral Blend.

I have a friend who works with money, a lot of money.  He is well educated and helps me with difficult business decisions.  Last November we scheduled a call and what I remember about the conversation was when I asked him if he understood the importance of Fair Trade Certified.  He said, “What’s Fair Trade Certified?”  We were both at our computers so I told him to open up the Fair Trade USA website and I showed him different Fair Trade products and stories about farmers. Mentioning that people in the community follow his lead and that a guy with his kind of power had the responsibility to spread the word about Fair Trade especially with commodity products like coffee and tea. 

Fair Trade Certified Astral Blend Coffee from Weaver's

Last week we were at a local charity auction where we donated two Weaver’s Coffee & Tea gift sets.  Someone picked up both gift sets by mistake so one dad did not get his coffee and tea.  I promised the dad that I would ship a new gift set to his home.  He was thankful and said he was excited because his friend, the money manager, mentioned it was delicious, plus it was Fair Trade.  “I never knew about Fair Trade and it sounds really interesting,” he added.  

This week we started roasting our seasonal coffee Astral Blend – Artisan Coffee For A Cause. I added a few extra pounds of our Astral Blend Coffee with the gift set and then e-mailed the link on OCFCU – Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union about the Ethiopian women who benefit from the purchase of Astral Blend.

Ethiopian woman picking Fair Trade Certified coffee

I envision these two wealthy men, in the spacious kitchens of their large homes, sipping coffee and reading about the women farmers in Ethiopia.  Women who were struggling to survive in 1998 and now, because of the power of Fair Trade, have better access to malaria free drinking water, schools, new bridges, and flour mills.

Ethiopian coffee growing landscape

Ironically, when reaching out to my well-educated friend for advice, I actually had the opportunity to educate him on Fair Trade Certified.  Now it is time for you to go out and educate others about the power of Fair Trade and how every purchase matters.  Yes, you can change the world, so go out there and do it.

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