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Who doesn't love the scent of freshly baked cookies wafting through the house, or the joy that comes with frosting cupcakes with friends? This is the season to get together with loved ones and make memories that keep you warm inside despite the cold. Holiday baking is a classic, tasty tradition, and when you bake with Fair Trade Certified ingredients, it's also one of the most fulfilling. 
This guest blog post comes to us from our very own Miguel Zamora, the Director of Coffee Innovation and Producer Relations at Fair Trade USA. Miguel is focused on creating opportunities between buyers and coffee-growing communities around the world.

Building Stronger Supply Chains One “Intercambio” at a Time

This blog comes to us from Angela Reed, Producer Relations Specialist at Fair Trade USA Try your hand at the following riddle: It’s a type of chain made up of many actors. Some of the actors might be a small coffee farmer, a cooperative representative, a financial lender, a certifying entity, an exporter, the exporter’s importer, the importer’s buyer, and the buyer’s end user (where you and I fit in). Any ideas?
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