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Frontier Natural Products is the first company to offer organic Fair Trade Certified spices to U.S. consumers. One such spice is Frontier's organic Fair Trade Certified white pepper.
Yesterday, I climbed onto the bus with Ben & Jerry’s and the Do the World a Flavor finalists for another 3 hour ride up to Conacado’s cocoa village near Yabon.  Everyone dozed during the trip, storing up their reserves of energy & strength for the day ahead.  We were off to build a playground for the children of the community that has hosted us so graciously this week, teaching us how cocoa is grown and Fair Trade works in th
We returned late last night from a full and amazing day-long visit with some of the Conacado cooperative cocoa farmers. They’ve recently launched a beautifully organized and professional Chocolate Tour of their facilities and community—what a treat! I’m sorry that I don’t have more videos to share with you yet, but it’s taking much longer than I’d like to get them uploaded onto YouTube.
What a great day of helping all the Ben & Jerry's "Do the World a Flavor" contest understand Fair Trade more intimately and starting to get to know this lovely country of the Dominican Republic. Here's a video with a couple of snippets from today's presentations where Ben Cohen and Ben & Jerry's Brand Manager Philippa Marshall explain why Ben & Jerry's chose the Dominican Republic for this prize trip and why they support Fair Trade. Tomorrow we're off for a daylong visit to Conocado, the Fair Trade cocoa coop where Ben & Jerry's sources some of it's Fair Trade cocoa.
After a valiant effort to ensure farmers, artisans and other workers receive their fair share of profits, Highland Park, NJ, was named the 13th Fair Tr
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