6 Easy Ways Celebrate Mother’s Day the Fair Trade Way

Make a difference in the lives of Fair Trade Moms around the world

05/06/2013 - 3:36 PM

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, you’re probably looking for a way to show mom how much you really care. What if the products you give (or enjoy) this Mother’s Day could also celebrate moms around the world?

This year World Fair Trade Day falls on the same weekend as Mother’s Day (May 12th), highlighting a natural connection between the two holidays and the opportunity to focus on the positive impact that Fair Trade has on the lives of so many mothers around the world. When you buy Fair Trade products, you are helping ensure that women can build a brighter future for their families and become leaders in their communities. That’s why our theme for Mother’s Day this year is Moms Make a World of Difference.

So how can you celebrate moms around the world this Mother’s Day? Here are 6 simple ways to support them:

1.  Buy (or Ask) for Fair Trade

Fair Trade is a market-based approach to fighting poverty.  That means that it only works when you actually buy the stuff.  So make put your dollars to work by buying or asking your loved ones for Fair Trade this Mother’s Day!

From chocolate, coffee, spices, clothing, to body scrubs, you’ll know that your gifts were made with respect for the people who grow and sew the products you love.  Can you make a commitment to purchase at least one Fair Trade Certified gift when you shop for mom this year? 

Check out our Mother's Day coupon page for some great discounts on gifts (for you and for mom)

6 Easy Ways Celebrate Mother’s Day the Fair Trade Way



2.  Give (or request) Fair Trade roses

Gather Fair Trade florals into a bunch of love for the mom in your life. When you purchase Fair Trade Certified roses, you provide maternity leave, a pesticide-free environment, and job security for hundreds of women flower workers in Ecuador. Here are a few easy ways to purchase your Fair Trade Certified flowers for mom:

Order today to make sure your flowers arrive on time!

6 Easy Ways Celebrate Mother’s Day the Fair Trade Way



3.  Get Social With Us

Visit the Fair Trade Certified fan page or follow @FairTradeUSA and you will find a robust community of Fair Traders just like you! Leading up to Mother’s Day, we’ll be hosting lots of exciting giveaways for mom, sharing stories about Fair Trade moms, and giving you delicious recipe ideas! Become a fan to demonstrate your support for Fair Trade, then take your support a step further by sharing our liking our posts to tell your friends about the strong mothers of Fair Trade!

You can also show your support for Fair Trade moms on your own Facebook or Twitter by sharing one of these inspiring images from our Mother’s Day Campaign Materials Page and using the #FairMoms hashtag.

6 Easy Ways Celebrate Mother’s Day the Fair Trade Way



4.  Share a Fair Trade Video

Educate your friends and family about the strong moms of Fair Trade by sharing a video. This year we have a heartwarming video of Fair Trade moms in Guatemala wishing mothers around the world Happy Mother’s Day! You can watch it here.

Be sure to visit the Fair Trade Certified YouTube page to find even more educational videos.


5.  Tell a Fair Trade Mom’s Story

Take the time to teach a friend or family member about the incredible and determined women of Fair Trade. Help them to understand why Every Purchase Matters and why mothers in the developing world need our support.

Here are a few stories about the hardworking, dedicated and inspirational women of the world that make Fair Trade what it is today:

  • Thanks to Fair Trade, Angela Camposeco can spend more time with her grandchildren. [CODECH (coffee), Guatemala]
  • With Fair Trade, Monica Valle can now plan for her family’s future. [CEPICAFE (sugar), Peru]
  • Maria Cera works hard to send her two boys to high school. [APROCASSI (coffee), Peru]
  • Fair Trade has empowered Mariana del Jesus Mendoza to play a leading role in her community. [Fortaleza del Valle (cocoa), Ecuador]
  • Elvia Almachi can study alongside her two daughters while she earns her high school diploma. [AGROGANA (flowers), Ecuador]
  • Thanks to Fair Trade & Café Femenino, Maria Elva Correa Torres now has a place of respect and power in her family. [CECANOR (coffee), Peru]

6 Easy Ways Celebrate Mother’s Day the Fair Trade Way



6.    Plan a Fair Trade Brunch

Start mom’s day off right by treating her (or yourself!) to a leisurely Fair Trade breakfast in bed. There's nothing better than waking up to the smell of Fair Trade Certified coffee and tea. You can also surprise mom with a special homemade treat. Whether you’re using fresh fruits & vegetables, sugar, chocolate, spices, or a baking mix, it’s easy to swap out the basic ingredients with their Fair Trade Certified alternatives. Not only will your brunch taste better, you’ll know you’re helping the women of Fair Trade send their kids to school, keep food on the table, and invest in lifesaving healthcare programs.

Click here for several delicious recipes featuring multiple Fair Trade Certified ingredients.

6 Easy Ways Celebrate Mother’s Day the Fair Trade Way


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